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I am a Post-doctoral researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. My goal is to visualize large-scale data from complex scientifc domains and develop interactive tools for the exploration and analysis.

Recent News

December 2020

I moved to California and started my new Post-doctoral Researcher position at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory! Very excited to get started with the visualization of advanced material scans and large-scale dynamic microscopy images.

December 2020

I will be a Topic Editor for the Frontiers in Bioinformatics. Together with Prof. Barbora Kozlikova and Prof. Michael Krone we announced a Special Issue on Visualization of Biomolecular Structures.

July 2020

I started a new position at the Austrian Institute of Technology and joined the EU H2020 MARILIA project. The goal is to develop novel technology to enable fast detection of pathogens in water. I'll be working on the development of novel technolgoies for simulating and designing DNA-protein hybrid structures. It's good to switch focus from applied visualization research to molecular dynamics simulation and modeling.

June 2020

Our software system Adenita for the interactive 3D modelling and visualization of DNA nanostructures was published in the Nucleic Acids Research Journal as a full paper. Adenita heavily relies on advanced multiscale visualization and scale-adaptive modifications, which we I published at IEEE SciVis 2017. It has always been my goal to publish my visualization reserach in the domain science as well. This tools is now being used by several research groups around the world that focus on DNA-based nanostructures.

November 2019

I will giving a talk on "From In Silico to In Vitro: Modeling DNA Nanostructures" at the Cell Visualization Summit at KAUST, Saudi Arabia.

September 2019

My student Max Sbardellati is presenting his paper on exploded views of large molecular structures at the 9th EG Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM) 2019 in Brno, Czechia. It's great to work together with young promising academics!

August 2019

I successfully defended my PhD! After four years, this moment has been eagerly anticipated. I'm so grateful to have worked with and learned from my doctoral advisor Ivan Viola . Shout out to my co-advisors, it was a pleasure to have worked with them: Ivan Barisic, Tobias Isenberg, and Eduard Groeller.

July 2019

Our paper on multiscale visualization of the 3D genome got accepted at IEEE SciVis 2019.

July 2019

I am going to be tutorial chair at the 9th EG Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM) 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic and give a presentation on Visual Abstraction in DNA Nanotechnology.

May 2019

I presented a poster on Interactive Visual Analysis for the Design of DNA Nanostructures at the NANTECH 2019 in Espoo, Finland.